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of winchester, fairly heavy. the other showers out there will reign as well. we will mention an isolated showers and the forecast, that is about it. quick stops on the weatherbug, alexandria 83 degrees, high of 89. 84 degrees frederick, 86 was the high. waldorf 83 degrees, high of 86. on the scoreboard, the official numbers, 87, 71 at reagan national airport. we will definitely see it cool down friday. but not until then. mid 80's across the board, more up and down the coast, and the cool weather is starting to show up across the midwest and the central plains. the very pleasant. we have been watching closely showers that have been diminishing to the south. they have been at rotating in the opposite direction, away from us to the southwest. they're just a ragtag bunch of showers, which will wash out through the night. we have also been watching atlanta because of their recent weather woes. that cluster of showers is sting to the west, and for now it looks ok. i think any activity that we see will be random and isolated until the cold front in the morning. then at the cool, dry air rules in frida
in many spots today. some parts of maryland, upper 80s. out west toward winchester and hagerstown things got really warm today. bwi marshall topped out about 83. that doesn't really tell the story because there's so much moisture in the air. feels like near 90 with all the humidity. summerlike humidity. they are going to continue another day. maryland's most powerful doppler radar not picking up much rain across the state. a few showers in far western maryland out toward friendsville and the river. tonight, partly cloudy, muggy, and another steamy day tomorrow, it will feel more like summer than fall but that does begin to change towards the weekend. we'll talk about when things cool off and then when they warm up again, coming up in a few. >>> voter confusion and some anger in annapolis. a former white house aide says she's dropping out of the race for mayor of annapolis, again. zina pierre made the announcement this afternoon at a news conference in annapolis. she did not take questions from reporters but said she did not want questions about her finances to be a distraction. >> did i
in frederick. to the south where we have had rain recently it is 66 at quantico, 64 winchester. here's a look at the high temperatures forecasted for today. from winchester to cumberland you will stay in the 60s and level off around the low 70s in the district of columbia. la plata your high today 72 with some breaks of sunshine. not a sunny afternoon but the rain should be done and we will have a couple of hints of sunshine. more moisture is gathering across illinois, indiana. this low pressure listen area will be moving east tomorrow. and with it is going to be bringing us rain. unfortunately, you folks to the west that have a yard sale planned in the morning, it's going to be dicey. the farther east you live you will have mostly dry conditions until noon and after that things go downhill with the rain. just in time for the football game. the we will have a northeasterly push of drier air but it comes back north tomorrow. let me put a time line on it for you. here it is. this is by 6:00 tonight. some partly cloudy skies. heading in to the overnight the friday night plans shouldn't be in jeo
there in cumberland. 55, 59 winchester. you are seeing the rain first and won't get as warm as saint mary's city, annapolis and dc. we are expected to go to the middle to upper 70s but rain develops between noon and 4:00 in the beltway. after that i think most of it should be to our east for the evening rush. so those high temperatures around the area, the warmest places like leonardtown 80, fredericksburg 78. pair of 7s for dc. up to the north we will have the rain come in here quickly. 70 frederick. 71 cumberland and 72 with more clouds in winchester. the windy weather will be a three-day even and each day we get cooler. tomorrow we won't have any rain but we will have temperatures around 70 with gusty winds and wednesday, cooler yet. 68 with still a gusty wind. here's how it is on the satellite-radar loop. with that rain a lot of it across pennsylvania. riding north you will be running in to it. southwesterly winds now. later today northwesterly. again, possibly gusting up to 30 miles an hour. 7 is the high. 50 for tonight. as we look at the next seven, there it is. feeling like autumn with 6
martinsburg to winchester. 82 for manassas and 77 at quantico. before it gets here we have a nice warmup on tap for everybody. 84 warrenton, 85 frederick. in the middle 80sin the district. and then the low temperatures tonight, starting to come up a little bit. nose as many 50s on the map. round out our lows 54 in woodbridge to 66 inside the beltway. a shot of 50s cumberland to winchester. here's the forecast for this afternoon. the front making up ground coming through pennsylvania. we are still dry and partly cloudy and then tomorrow we will be on the north side of the front. you'll notice a cooler wind off of the ocean. this will help to coup lied with southwesterly winds across southwestern virginia. along the front we have a boundary that lifts the air and that's why we forecast rain showers. unfortunately this scenario stays in place over the rest of the workweek and that's why the rest of the workweek is cloudy, cool and damp. you can see it in the seven day. 85 today. no problems. feels like summer and tomorrow through the middle and the rest of the week we have those clouds and
and warm. a shower west of town possible. we mean west like winchester, low ray. winds will still be southeasterly at 10. temperatures will still be close to 80 despite the cloud cover. a lot of thunderstorms through much of missouri. a solid line of severe weather stretching through southwestern missouri, about to go into northwestern arkansas. we still have a tremendous amount of showers in the east. we've seen rain and showers in this area and we saw the flooding in north carolina and it looks like they'll have one more night and day of pretty heavy day storms. we may see a couple of showers tonight in garrett county. that's about it. the zone forecast, all six zones are on our website. shower possible winchester. mid-70s. less of a chance as you get toward leesburg, mid-70s. a lot of clouds, mid-70s in fairfax and manassas. maybe upper 70s in woodbridge. downtown, we'll give you sunshine. 76 in bowie and rockville. pretty nice by the water. winds are light. no advisories. mid-70s. annapolis. upper 70s in waldorf. fall arrives tomorrow at 5:15. we'll explain what means. the equ
force baits. around here 64. 1 winchester. 65 at annapolis. all right. where it is not raining it is cloudy. we will give it until the afternoon to break the clouds up and some high pressure from canada will sneak down for a little visit. it will be a little visit because tomorrow it will move out of the way for low pressure and this means rain will be back here tomorrow. as for this afternoon, angie. our temperatures will rebound to the lower 70s and we will see some sun. how's the drive in? >> well, you know when there is rain it will impact the roads. we know it all too well. we are seeing major slow goes out there and a couple of tieups that will slow you down, especially if you are on the bw parkway. notice the icons the yellow and green on the screen. you are slow from before 197 all the way to the capital beltway. we are tracking the drive on the outer loop in maryland. it is looking at a 20 minute drive or so to make it from 95 to georgia avenue. switch over to 66. actually i guess we will not get there but i will let you know. jammed 50 to 123 and nutley to the beltway
this out. 61 in the city. it has gotten cool. 60 for dulles. winchester is at 58 degrees. fredricksburg is starting to cool down. they were 69 last hour. they lost three degrees. it will be chilly tonight. clearing skies. the winds will lay down. by early tomorrow morning temperatures will be dropping in the 40s. look at winchester, 43. germantown mid- to upper-40s out there. just depends how much the wind lays down overnight tonight. if it gets below 5 miles per hour no doubt the suburbs will be in the middle 40s early tomorrow morning. we are talking about 50 in the city. and there are frost advisories posted. these are west of i-81 out there. this is where there is a chance for frost on the ground early tomorrow morning. we are expecting clear skies and the winds to calm down. that is perfect out there for what we call radiational cooling. i want to show you max hd to give you an idea before the forecast where there is a couple of showers out there. this is all that is left from the showers that were moving through just through southern prince george county back out to southern ann a
sun comes up. temperatures in the 50s and other numbers are 54 winchester. 59 inside the beltway. 58 fredericksburg and 59 to the east in annapolis. the winds are not too bad for the time being. southwesterly six miles an hour. by the afternoon when the front comes through, partly cloudy and 77 and look for northwest winds to get up around 30 miles an hour. angie, good morning. >> good morning to you. hello, everybody. welcome to the 6:00 hour. it is monday, and we are ready to have one terrific day. we kick thicks off with a live shot of 95 in virginia. heading northbound, delayed from the prince william parkway to lorton. no surprise there. continuing on to 395. here's the shot. northbound we are seeing a little volume from duke to stepping to seminary. you are clear approaching the 14th street bridge. we will move it over to 66. heading eastbound we are slow from 550 to 123. that delay is building up nicely. checking out the outer loop in maryland, volume from new hampshire to georgia but no slow goes on the topped soft the beltway and end with 95 and the bw parkway out of bal
now 65 with low to mid- 50s out west from culpeper to winchester with 64 in southern maryland and easton you are checking in at 59. right now we have 65. dew point 59. looking for a high in the middle 80s with plenty of sunshine. 6:00 a.m. this morning. how's the traffic. >> thank you very much. hello, everybody. welcome back from the weekend. we are so glad that you could join us. we will kick things off with volume on 270 southbound. we are low from 109 to 121 and then good past germantown road but definitely picking up. moving to the maps, here's 95 and the bw parkway. all good baltimore to the beltway. nice and green cars. drivers are moving at speed. next to the district. inbound new york avenue we are finding the delay stretching from the times building to bladensburg road. a live shot here at the brentwood parkway. on 395 northbound, conditions show some congestion between duke and seminary. and drivers are using the brake lights approaching the 14th street bridge. to wrap it up, here's 95 northbound. we are looking at a ten minute commute to make your way from the prin
and that allowed temperatures to cool f once again. 40 to the h nonoand west. 44 in winchester now. 46 in garrett couldn't county and oakland. we are mid to upper 60s along the bay in southern maryland and parts of the northern neck. mid-60s by 9:00 a.m. low 70s for the lunch hour. it will be a great day to eat outside and for the the ride home sunny and 78 degrees. it is 6:00 straight up. kris sneed has the traffic. >> thank you. it seems to be an incident filled morning so far and that will continue with this trend. 66 eastbound is jammed from route 50 to the beltway. you are about 15 minutes and building. we are getting a report of an accident at 495. not sure what is up there yet, but i will get word on that shortly. going to the graphics, inner loop is looking good as you see, 60 miles an hour is the average there. over to inbound new york avenue. we are seeing slow downs from the times building to bladensburg road and heading up to maryland and check out 270, the accident on route 80 is almost clear. should be out of the way now and slow germantown to i-370. finish it up 95 and the bw parkw
spots in the 6 as like culpeper and winchester and hagerstown along with washington still at 74 degrees. so a warm day. partly to mostly cloudy. back in the mid-80s and a slight chance of a shower or a possible thunderstorm before the day is out. right now 74. code green air quality. angie is off but patranya bhoolsuwan is in at 6:00 a.m. with the traffic. >>> good morning. it is slow going morning this thursday. a lot of cars out there already. an update on that report on the accident 0 on the outer loop. it has cleared but as you can see traffic is jammed from wisconsin to new hampshire at this hour. we will head over to 270 southbound and see how things are looking there. it is slow but moving from 109 to 121 and clear to the split. good morning, virginia. see how your commute is going. check 66 eastbound. we have a report of an accident at route 29 in centreville. it is backed up all the way past routes 234 but clear after the accident scene. moving to the inner loop this morning. green dares. one yellow car there. people going a little below speed. not too bad. and finally in the d
temperatures are going to be dipping down, too, but not as cool in the morning. meanwhile, winchester, virginia, started out 43, one of the coolest of spots. leesburg, loudoun county started 52 degrees. where do we go from here? we'll see clouds move in tonight. we'll talk about the remainder of the labor day weekend, and if there is any rain in sight in just a few minutes. >>> the centers for disease control has some good news and bad news today about the swine flu. the virus is spreading much more rapidly as students head back to school, but there is no indication it's getting deadler even though it continued to spread over the summer, which is usual for a flu virus. brian moar has the story from capitol hill. >> reporter: across the southeast, a sudden surge in suspected swine flu cases on college campuses. schools are doing whatever they can to stop the spread of h1n1. >> we are seeing it scattered around the country and particarly in the southeast. most likely explanation is that schools start earlier here. ro centers for disease control expects the virus to spread more quickly as the seas
up with clouds and a sunny afternoon and could reach 80 in points to the west, towards winchester and the mountains of vest earn virginia. more details coming up. let's get to julie wright. >>> a new accident to report on the beltway in silver spring. and we still have the accident in virginia southbound 395 trying to work past ridge road and down toward shirlington. accident involving an overturned vehicle. now you can see traffic is able to get by using the two left lanes as you travel from the 14th street bridge toward landmark. two lanes now open at this time. eastbound washington boulevard at columbia pike is where we have a crash. i'm told that the eastbound lanes are blocked and traffic is being diverted througha parking. lanes open at 395 and across the 14th street bridge. accident on the outer loop of the beltway past the exit for colesville road. traffic jammed out of college park westbound around 495. more slow traffic off of the southbound 270 spur toward the math. two separate accidents on the outer loop. the latest blocking the right lane before the bridge. inner loo
with 64 frederick and gaithersburg, 62 winchester to cumberland at 64 and 57 in culpeper. one of the cool spots to near 70 in patuxent naval air station. and annapolis is 70. here in town we have 67 degrees with a dew.of 62 and a north wind at six. not a bad morning but we will have to watch this area of low pressure because it does appear now, unlike yesterday where i thought we'd get more rain and it didn't happen, it appears tomorrow this area of low pressure moving to the west thanks to this front coming down. our rain chances will be going up. here's the seven-day forecast. mid-70s today with spotty showers. near 70 tomorrow with more rain. spotty showers on friday. leftover showers on saturday. and then by sunday, monday and tuesday, better weather, upper 70s to around 80. right now a traffic update from angie goff. >> we are following a few incidents out there. begin with a tieup. tow truck is on the scene. this is where it meets norbeck road. take south lawn over to avery to get on to norbeck. taking it to 270, southbound slow germantown to 370. back to the maps water main break o
and southern maryland. 62 from winchester. a lot of clouds. 70 for 9:00 and 77 for the drive home. angie has the traffic. >>> good morning. howard. hello, everybody. thanks for joining us. looks like a little slow go on our hands on interstate 270. from father hurley to the split a lot of volume. moving to the accident scene in bowie, maryland. to the maps an show you southbound 193 is closed between glendale and u.s. 50. hello 66 drivers headed eastbound. a lot of taillights out here. we are not done yet. wrap up in ashburn where we have an accident on southbound ashburn boulevard the road is closed. watch for crews. over to you. >>> in a few hours dc council chairman vincent gray will try to impose an ethics code on the council. it is in direct response to marion barry's use of tax dollars. according to chairman gray it would require the council uphold unusually high standards of honesty, integrity and impartiality. and it would ask members to avid conflicts of interest. they haven't had an ethics code since it was founded 36 years ago. >>> another piece of emergency legislation today a pl
in town. 70 hagerstown and culpeper 4. same with winchester and easton good morning, you are 63. mostly cloudy skies. an isolated shower mainly west. highs in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. right now 67 at 5:00 a.m. good morning. >> hey, everybody. thanks for joining us. we are kicking off this tuesday morning with an early-morning tieup. the first one comes to us from maryland 193 at glendale road. watch for crews. if we flip them over i can show you 95 and the bw parkway, let you know, show you right here out of baltimore fine from 198 to powder mill. to 270 southbound trip here. we are tracking it past 121. okay to the split. volume light. same situation for those that travel northbound 95 past duke street, delay free and 95 northbound in virginia from dumb fridays to the mixing bowl. no accidents or incidents to report. over to you. >>> a showdown between dc mayor fenty and the founder of the southeast tennis and learning center will play out at city hall today. 9 news now alex trevino is joining us with details. good morning a alex. >> reporter: good morning. the fate of the s
winchester and oakland to t gacounty, and as you go to southern maryland around the bay where war attemperures are warm readings in the mid- 60s. and annapolis at 59 for us. low 70s for the lunch hour and upper 70s for the drive home. not going to last forever and i will have more on that coming. and tropical storm erika was born yesterday. let's get a traffic update from kris sneed. >> i'd like to say the roads look as good as your forecast but i would be lying an accident on route 1 just past fredericksburg. it involves two tractor- trailers. not sure it will be open but past it you are clear to the mixing bowl. if you want an alternate, route 1 right there. 395 northbound here at duke street a smooth ride to the 149 street bridge. moving over to 66 eastbound out of manassas to 495, no problems right now. >> heading up 270, you are making your way from 121 to i- 370 to the split, it is volume light. and finally finish it up with the graphics. 95 and bw parkway, nothing but green cars out of baltimore past route 32 to the beltway. angie? >> thank you. >>> a woman is stuffed in to
. in places like winchester it was 40. here in washington in low 60s and now in the 70s. 71 degrees at reagan national. our humidity is 44%. our winds out of the north east rh te1mi0 es plouer . co0 a'secrfatt ect pembination for me. i love this forecast as we mbha a lot of sunshine out there te n igbrno n oorn rn. no rain showers or thunderstorms in the forecast. there is our morning radar and you saw it. just a nice blue sky expected for the day and for the next few days. we'll be featuring a lot of quiet weather. and there is nothing else dor me to do. perhaps we can talk about something else. 78 expected in washington. we'll fall back again tonight but we'll talk about how cool and look at the rest of the workweek coming up. allison. >>> now to developing story. wildfires on the west coast. one blaze has destroyed more than 50 homes in southern california. and it's threatening thousands more. >> the flames are raging on with temperatures above 100 degrees and with humidity hurting firefighters. adam housely is in tujunga, california. >> reporter: this morning we got here and this hill i
of rain left. only a shower or two here and there just northf winchester, between winchester, hagerstown, a few lingering light showers left around rockville and inside the beltway. for the most part of the trend is the clouds are moving out of here. our wind now out of the north. 72 the temperature in d.c. 70 in springfield. 68 in quantico and 69 in pax river. there is the front south of our area. again, enough cloud cover around and those early morning showers. by 9:00 and 11:00, skies will be partly cloudy. first thing tomorrow back to cloud cover over the area. they will be increasing. after midnight, it will be a cool and wet saturday coming up. we'll talk about how cool and september sunshine for our sunday. will we have any? we'll talk more about that with a look at the seven-day in a few minutes. back to you. >> we'll see you then. thank you. >>> more fuel added to the fire today about the city's response to a big summer blaze that gutted the home of former school board president peggy cooper during the city council hearing today. council member phil mendelson criticized the fire
on the map. 54 in cull pepper and 52 in winchester. 55 in frederick, maryland. 66 in beautiful southern maryland. visibilities are generally fairly good. not too much of a fog problem just yet. we will end up with a beautiful day today. sun is up at 6:53 this morning. 52 minutes away from now. after a bright and sunny day goes down at 7:10 this evening. 75. room temperature today. >> sounds perfect. >>> firefighters in prince george's county are trying to figure out what spark ad deadly house fire this morning. they responded to a home on kayak avenue in capitol heights this morning around 2:30 and tell tuesday fire started in the kitchen and one person died. the exact cause is under investigation. right now we don't know how old the victim is or whether the victim is a man or woman. >>> residents of one maryland community are assessing the damage left by a huge water main break yesterday. the 72-inch main broke last evening in a suburb of baltimore. it sent thousands of gallons of water pouring into the streets, causing massive flooding. barbara mikulski called the incident a disaster.
. cool spot, dulles, 56. hagerstown is 52 degrees right now. winchester, they one of the dropped out. last hour, winchester was 49. this is unseasonably cool air if this time of year. 58 right now. page is 64. even ocean city, maryland, the temperatures have been running in the 70s and 80s the last couple of mornings. they are 62 at this hour. so kal ire down to the ocean. -- patuxent naval air station is 64. the light showers we had here yesterday have slipped off the coast. unless you are headed down to the carolinas you should be in for a mice day here across the mid-atlantic. off to the north and west, we've got high pressure and that will be very slow to move through the area. this area of high pressure will stick around for much of the week. we'll have a lot of bright sunshine. our next hans for any rain showers wouldn't occur until about thursday or friday. even then, it is very slight. it is not even in the five-day forecast because it may track to our south. nice-hooking couple of days. sun iskies, a nice afternoon -- sunny skies, a nice afternoon. clear skies, quite cool ov
. you might touch 80 well out to the west. we get a lot of sunshine out towards winchester and point west. here is your forecast. early rain showers particularly to the east. cool temperatures expected. 73 for an afternoon high. for the most part tonight, it should be dry. clouds will lynner with the storm system. ornight low about 6 #. let's talk about the ekend. saturday, wake up with some clouds. hoping we'll get sun in here later in the afternoon. sunday looks like the best day ofhe weekend. 8 # with plenty of sunshine. monday and tuesday look nice as well. we'll have temperatures back into the upper range. mid-80s-- 82 with plenty of sunshine. we'll get to julie wright with the traffic. >> outer loop of the beltway, car spun out along the left side of the road and checking on the outer loop of the beltway before the mean for an incident along the left sued as well. this is a close-in shot of the bridge. all of your lanes are open. -- they are checking on the outer loop of the beltway before the american legion bridge for an incident along the left side as well. no accidents to r
ocean city, maybe drier up not h.rt ncerm isng niinfriceredh.k thise n 65winchester. manasas, kind of warm for this time of morning, 70 degrees, 66 also in cambridge and andrews airforce base. national down to 67 our low so far. that north-northeast wind at nine miles an hour and dew points in the low 50s last week now lower to mid-60s so the air mass definitely is a changing one and temperatures nationally not too hot. a little bit here across tx with the 90s and the thing we are watching is the moisture in the midwest and offshore. this i believe is the reasonable nants of what was once tropical storm erika, now ton area of low pressure trying to come up the carolina coast. here is our seven-day forecast. 77 today, more showers tonight and tuesday. wednesday a shower. thursday more showers. then i think we will dry out for the second half of the week, still can't rule out a shower on saturday with a high back above the 80 degree mark. 6:17, time for a traffic update. good morning, chris. >> good morning, howard. well right now we are seeing dry roads which means clear roads. 66 e
, winchester in the 50s as is martinsburg and even cumberland with a pair of 5 -- fives. it is 61 hagerstown. today's weather in a word, beautiful. up to 71 for the lunch hour and sunny drive home at 5:00 at 78. see how the drive is shaping up. >> a lot of traffic tieups to tell you about. let's get to it beginning with 270. an accident at 370 has cleared but delays have not. we are backed up to father hurley. after that you are going to hit another crash scene at middle brook. to the maps we go, southbound at route 32 an accident is blocking the left lane. right now we are jammed up to that route 100. looks like the accident may have cleared according to the realtime sensors. northbound 198, another crash. drivers are using the right lane. 50 westbound at 301, we zoom in and on 301 northbound at the grovesnor bridge that accident is holding steady blocking the right lane. that 50 westbound one looks like it is cleared, as well. 395 in virginia we are crawling along from 395 to seminary and pentagon to the 14th street bridge. and an accident is blocking the right lane at fairfax county parkw
coming in from winchester. we sit at 60, and 63 in southern maryland where the bay is keeping you folks a little warmer. a gorgeous day ahead. by 9:00 mid-60s, lunchtime low 70s and by the drive home upper 70s and code green air and this is chamber of commerce stuff. back in 15 with the rest of the seven day looking toward labor day. >> we will start off with an accident on 95 northbound at route 1 that has been cleared but you are jammed back dale boulevard due to this all the way up to lorton. it is 15 minutes now and building. i will keep my eye on that for you and 395 slow edsall to seminary. slow duke street. and inbound new york avenue. we are slow from the times clilding to bladensburg and ear to the third street tunnel and finally finish up with the outer loop, jammed from new hampshire georgia avenue. over to you. >> supporters of both sides of the may gauge debate are preparing for a legal fight in the district. armando trull is live outside of the dc board of elections office on 4th street in northwest dc. armando? >> well, angie, that fight will begin here at the board of e
and ev 49 we inw samartinsburg eaier rlear now. 52 winchester and 64 reagan national and 69 in southern maryland 67 this afternoon we are looking at partly sunny to mostly sunny skies and highs in the low 80s. time for friday traffic with kris sneed. >> thank you, howard. an accident past easton. involving a couple of tractor- trailers on 50 near skipton landing at 2:20 a.m. we expect it to be open 7:30 a.m. it is closing both directions on 50 right now. if you are heading to the beach right now the alternate is 652 to 50 eastbound. we will head over to the cameras. 270. a little volume but no problems as you make your way from frederick to the split. at 8th and h street no problems in the district this morning and 95 northbound in virginia a clear commute going in both directions right now. if you are planning to head out of town, now is a good time to do it. >>> the war in afghanistan has been raging nearlying ayears now. now the secretary of defense says more time is needed for new policies to kick in. president obama has renewed efforts in the war-torn region. our troops are trying
are and as far as those temperatures this morning, down in the 40s once ag ain in pl ac lieske winchester and martinsburg. while it is . 54 it is wh inin 62 d dcan 62 an down maryland 67. not 77 from saint indigos but 67 from the naval air station in patuxent river. a decent looking day and highs in the upper 70s. time for traffic here's kris sneed. >> we are tracking an accident at the american legion bridge. we are losing the left lane here. you can see the flashing lights as crews try to get this tractor-trailer, a trailer pulled by a car, it fell off and it has a boat on it. they are trying to clear the area. you are backed up to the spur and before that university to colesville to 270 southbound. montgomery village avenue. you can see no real problems right now. a little volume between germantown and i-370 but no major slow downs. in to virginia, 66 eastbound you are slow from route 50 to 123 and then clear until the gallows road and then starts to back down approaching the beltway. moving to our graphics. tracking the inner loop. nothing but green cars on the inner and outer loop as
with the clouds and that is holding the temperatures up. 53 winchester. 54 annapolis this morning and head to the south, upper 60s to near southern maryland over to annapolis. easton 65 and cambridge is at 68. we have a dew point of 54 here in washington. that's been consistent much of the week and that dry air, that's why it is feeling so nice and will continue to do so the next few days. nationally some thunderstorms across north texas and in to kansas, as well. then the flow of moisture from florida to the eastern seaboard but we are in good shape. tropical storm erika was downgraded to a tropical depression. it will bring rain to puerto rico and espanol. high pressure near michigan continues a light northeasterly flow. no way to get moisture in here over than the passing high clouds from time to time. we sit in good shape for the next few days. the seven-day forecast, 81 today, perhaps 84. so tomorrow, same story on sunday. monday a slim chance of a shower 83. by the way, bowie state has their home opener tomorrow. should be great for it. tuesday nice, wednesday perhaps a shower and th
to winchester ' warrenton to culpeper, through prince william faulkier county and fairfax county. this is approaching the washington, d.c. metro. you folks at prince georges will get it in 30 to 45 minutes or so as everything moves from the west to east. go to the weather computer and talk about today. 60s now. a chance of showers this morning with cloudy skies. still a spotty sprinkle this afternoon and temperatures only around 70. it is 5:00. time for traffic. >>> hope everybody is doing well this thursday morning. we will start off with 95 northbound in virginia. looking at traffic. no problems to report so far this morning. we will head to 395 northbound duke to the 14th street bridge we are tracking the head lights moving well. no incidents or accidents reported. look at how the maps are looking. 95 to 66 all the green cars mean traffic is moving well. drivers are at speed and we will end on the outer loop on maryland 95 to georgia avenue, no problems there. back to you, angie. >>> this morning we start with breaking news out of afghanistan. a large explosion has shaken the
arrives. 62 right now, 60 at the airport, 60 winchester. down toward ocean city, about 71 degrees. 66 degrees at the airport, 69 at the inner harbor. typically, we see temperatures closer to 75. the rest of tonight, scattered rain showers, some of which could be heavy, 58-64. the low pressure across virginia will continue to push its way out towards the northeast. slow clearing tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. the rain showers in the morning, then later in the afternoon. monday, another cold front moves through, providing another chance of rain showers monday evening. behind that, cool air moves in from the north and west. that will start to arrive tuesday. that is when you will start to feel it. then things dry out the rest of the week. the 9:00 a.m., still seeing some heavy rain. about 1:00 p.m., that is one thing is clear out just a little bit, still cloud cover, but we dry out. another chance of evening showers. monday, 5:00 a.m. is clear. then comes the second line by about dinnertime monday evening, the next round of rain showers with cooler air. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, rain show
in annapolis. southern maryland, 66, 69 in quantity co, 64 in winchester. there are one or two lonely showers towards charlottesville on the radar. that is ground cover in frederick county. those showers are not going to make it into the washington area. we will be dry for late saturday night and early sunday morning plans. high pressure is building from the north. that's and north easterly wind at the surface will bring in the moisture-laden low-left air off the western part of the atlantic ocean. that will generate more in the way of clouds. fading showers will re-emerge tomorrow. spots west of the blue ridge, up in the allegheny mountains tomorrow may have an isolated shower or two. around town we are not facing much of a shower risk tomorrow. a few extra clouds. labor day monday, more cloud cover and a better chance of showers west of the blue ridge on labor day monday itself. for tomorrow morning, generally clear, seasonably cool start. mid 60s in town. upper 50s in the outlying suburbs. a bright blue sky, tomorrow westbound moving cumulus clouds that will hold temperatures down. upper 7
possible, primarily west, out towards winchester and shenandoah valley. high temperatures despite the clouds still pretty nice. 75 to 79 and winds still southeasterly at 10. satellite picture radar combined massive thunderstorms pushing through missouri, and through kansas city, and back into oklahoma, and some of this warm air will trigger some pretty good thunderstorms here we think wednesday and thursday. there is all of the rain and showers in the southeast. it will not dry up. more heavy weather again at this hour around atlantic up to athens georgia and here is what we mean by the satellite picture. west of town, cloudy. east of town, pretty nice. and you go out to the mountains, have you some showers on the doorstep toward garrett county. and zone forecast, all six zones are on the web site at and even if it is not raining here, you can still track rain anywhere in the country, including our neighborhood by going to the web is site, and check on the 9 news now interactive radar. >>> 74 in winchester and 75 tomorrow in leesburg and upper 70s though fo
, by my count. 79 degrees in winchester. official numbers from oregon national, the high was 84. -- from reagan national. we agree to see some clouds rolling and tomorrow and eventually cooler temperatures, moisture in the air, and patches of rain. that forecast may last for a while. first things first, look at these numbers. ted rogers will fall to the 70's and will be cooler overnight. -- temperatures will fall. the rains have been terrific over portions of texas. there were under a huge drought. to much of a good thing down there. some locations had up to 12 inches of rain. -- too much of a good thing. we could see some steady rain by thursday. a cold front will have our way tomorrow. the clouds will increase. coming from the north, there are showers and thunderstorms. you can see this span, it will try to drift off to the east and northeast. a call for early will help keep the steady rain away from us. we will see temperatures not in the mid 80's tomorrow, but in the 70's. we will have the dampness in the air. we'll have daily chances for showers, maybe a heavy downpour, but no thund
'll be in the low 70s today in fredericks berg and folks in winchester will have odds of getting warmer weather today. we'll keep it cloudy with those winds, a few rain showers linger tomorrow in your saturday. sunday is looking to be the better part of your weekend. here is the wiicw, lotropical l backing in all that moisture and around here. as forecast, the models have it at noon. north and east of dc, watch what happens over time. the rain begins to become more showery and sprinkles instead of a steady rain. as we take you through your saturday morning, i think for our softball tournament, it will be cloudy. the ground is going to be wet. into the afternoon, we have a shot of a couple showers. don't completely abandon your umbrellas. we'll stay in the 60s today. tonight, pretty much close to the 60-degree mark and a little better tomorrow into the 70s. here's that seven-day. sunday is my pick of the weekend. in the 80s we go. monday is looking nice. sunny and 83. we will be drying out. no chance of rain until wednesday of next week. that's the pick of my forecast, the noon show is going to
, between west virginia and winchester, we have a light sprinkle and toward westminster, closing in on baltimore. that is pretty much it. we will continue as a to see these sprinkles into the evening. a around dinnertime, the skies should clear and this will set the stage for temperatur to plummet. the highs will range from the mid 60's to the low 70's down and lower southern maryland. tonight, some of the coldest air we have seen in a couple months. >>> irfax city police have charged a prince william county father and his daughter with recruiting students to a gang. theodore olds directed the local set of the bloods. according to the affidavit, he and his daughter recruited across northern virginia. authorities are holding but in fairfax. fairfax county may raise taxes to cope with the growing budget shortfall. they could be an increase in the real estate tax rate. officials are considering a car registration fee that could bring the county $27 million. >>> the battle lines are being drawn deeper and the sound in battleground virginia. regional and gender te fights are coming in
in winchester. mostly cloudy, mild, maybe a shower. don't count on it. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. by afternoon partly sunny and warm. shower and thunderstorm possible but a nice day 84 to 88. satellite picture radar combined. little bit of snow still in the colorado rockies. above 7000 feet. >> atlanta dry today and they will be dry tonight and a slight chance of a light shower tomorrow. here are the clouds with the front. this is to our south tonight. to keep a chance of the shower in. 84 for the plains. 85 in oakton. downtown mid to upper 80s. pretty good deal. slight chance of a shower. 83 for annapolis. better chance of a shower south and east tomorrow as the front treks away. 86 tomorrow. beautiful on friday. mid-70s. then some rain and showers late saturday. cut the grass on friday. upper 60s. then upper 70s on sunday. we should salvage the back half of the day. briefly warmer again. monday low 80s. maybe a shower. and then, my friends, coolest air of the season. 64 the high for wednesday. >> big change. coach zorn always seems to even keeled. he has got to be feeling this
the area now, 73 york. 76 hagerstown. winchester, virginia, 74 degrees. ocean city they've cooled off to 76. dover, delaware, 72. 73 in easton. take a look at the california fires. this is where the los angeles area is and san diego is down here. look at the smoke plume going out into the atlantic ocean. absolutely unbelievable. satellite view -- there's the baja peninsula there. southern california basically ablaze right now with tremendous amount of smoke stretching out into the pacific. i just thought you would get a kick out of looking at that. not a kick but kind of an informational situation. throughout the day today huge area of high pressure gave us a beautiful day today. a few scattered showers along the outer banks of north carolina but for the most part our weather looking good. the few light clouds we had to the south and east of us are in the process of going away. and overnight we're going to be seeing a mostly clear sky, almost a full moon, it's going to be gorgeous. nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. clear scan and looks like it will stay that w
. zone forecast, all six zones available on our website at 74 if winchester, mostly sunny. 75 leesburg. mid-70s fairfax, manassas. upper 70s broad woodbridge and breezy in the morning and then will die down. downtown upper to mid-70s. 76 bowie. on the bay, the northeasterly winds at 10 to 15. we are looking at a small craft advisory for parts of tonight and through noon tomorrow. keep that in mind if you are going out on the water. a nice day but a little choppy in the morning. 75 annapolis and 75 in lusby. next seven days, 76 tomorrow, sunshine. 78 on sunday, mostly sunny. a few high clouds come in late and monday we will keep mostly cloudy. keep it dry for now. showers and thunderstorms come back on tuesday. even clouds and showers and upper 70s and a little touch of summer. low to mid-80s on wednesday, thursday and friday with thunderstorms possible each day but not washout days by any means. >> thank you, topper. >>> we will talk about trouble for an nba player with nba roots. >> west is in trouble unfortunately in our area. ahead in sports the late often his arrest. plus,
out there winchester to martinsburg, 63 manassas and 65 inside the beltway. in to the afternoon we will watch these clouds linger and a few rain drops. no washouts, but we will be keeping it a little soggy at any given moment. temperatures cool, 70. as we mentioned, patranya bhoolsuwan is in for the traffic report. let's find out the latest. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. it will be a nice thursday out there. things are looking good out there in maryland. outer loop, an accident at the shoulder. looking good. it is still jammed 95 as you can see there. 270 southbound and see how it is looking out there montgomery village to montross. all lanes are clear. that's what we want to see. 66 eastbound 50 to the beltway a delay of 20 minutes there and 395 northbound, 45 minutes from the beltway to the 14th street bridge and finally we will end inbound new york avenue, slow between the times building and bladensburg. angie, back to you. >> thank you. >>> we begin with breaking news in the murder of a yale university student. new haven, connecticut police have arrested raymond cla
it felt more like summer. that's changing. we're down to 60 in many places, winchester, dover, even philly. a clear land dry scenario out there tonight, but i think that begins to change as we go into tomorrow night. 53 degrees. it will stay cool and dry. we'll talk more about big changes coming for the middle part of the weekend. all that straight ahead. >>> the two oldest sons of slains baltimore ravens steve mcnair are seeking their share of the estate. they both have gone to court to foil claims. mcnair was shot by his girlfriend july fourth. she then killed herself. mcnair's assets are believed to be worth about $20 million. >>> in your whistle-blower letter, the first line was your immediate attention is requested to prevent loss of life. did you believe that at the time? >> yes, i did. >> the former maryland state police pilot who lou the whistle -- blew the whistle last year is breaking his sigh license. pete peterson wrote a whistle- blower letter before the crash warning that lives would be lost. now on the weekend that marks the one-year anniversary of that tragedy, he explains
in winchester. in the 40s out into garrett county. tomorrow morning mostly sunny with a cold start. 40s and 50s. winds northwesterly at 10. by afternoon though what a beautiful day. mostly sunny and pleasant. highs near 70 and winds northwesterly at 5 to 10. no winds like we had today and also yesterday. that will make it feel a bit more warm. >> satellite picture radar combined. little bit of snow out in the rockies. may show you that tonight at 11:00 p.m. we will zoom in on the storm which is part of the eastern seaboard and has been stubborn. one little last piece of energy our way which is now to the south of us. showers running through the northern neck and that's about it. pretty good shape now. once this rolls south we will begin to clear out and temperatures will fall pretty quickly tonight. >> zone forecast. all six zones available on our website. also, kind of the summation if you will of september available on our website under my blog. 67 in charlestown. upper 60s in chantilly. near 70 in springfield and stafford. upper 60s for annapolis and north beach. no winds tomorrow
in d.c. is 65 degrees, dulles, 63, frederick, you drop to do 55, winchester, 56, a gorgeous evening, the naval air station, 68 degrees. and the rest of the country we have the nice cool pocket getting carved out here. rochester, 51, detroit, 5, but the tremendous heat which continues to play a big part in the california wildfires remaining out west. at least two more days of hot temperatures, the hottest weather we've seen in the southwest all summer long is happening now of the they are very close by the way to the category four hurricane, which is jiminez, arriving baja, i want to show you something else. the hurricane center is moderating it for us. this is not the wave, this is an unusual looking storm system. not a depression yet. not a storm. i want you to see where the modelings are tracking it, closer and closer to the florida peninsula. we need to watch it. not a named storm yet. if it gets a name it will be erica. meanwhile, the cooler temperature news s, chilly, bowie, 51, d.c., 58, and centerville dropping to 50 degrees. a chilly start at 8:00 in the district, 61 degrees
look north and west, western maryland, winchester with the elevation you will be in the lower 60s for afternoon high temperatures. here's what is happening, though. this high pressure cell is slowly moving south. this will slowly suppress the rain farther south as we head to the overnight. so it doesn't bring us clearing conditions quite yet, but it should bring us an end to the rain as we head in to the late over night and tomorrow should be a better day. we will take you down to 62 for the low temperature tonight. tomorrow, better. we will be back in the middle to upper 70s and we should see more sunshine tomorrow. that will be a nice change of pace. here it is. seven day forecast. a lot going on. as we look to the weekend, the terps are at home. so we are hoping they win and that high of 76 and beautiful weather. should be nice and then the redskins are home again on sunday. i don't see any rain in the forecast until next week. my favorite segment of the week is happening this second and you are joining us. with me is b.j. and this is molly. >> say hi to the camera. >> would yo
already. up in frederick off to winchester already in the lower 80s and that's where we are heading, between 80 and 85 degrees and northwest winds picking up five to ten miles an hour. here's the satellite loop, we don't have to worry about rain today. most of tomorrow, you folks to the north along the mason dixon line may see a spotty shower tomorrow but pretty much today and tomorrow are dry. right now we have 78-degree readings and a nice humidity of 56%. show lou things are progressing down here. what's going on down here will affect us over here. okay. there's actually a front. it is a back door front that will be descending upon us tomorrow. that will eventually sweep up moisture and that is why toward the end of the week we will be dealing with rain. high pressure in control right now. we'll exjoy it. here's the front. late in the day we will be watching this time line up here and few rain drops that move toward us. notice no problems as we head through the overnight. a couple of clouds moving to the north and east and tomorrow i paused it at noon. ice lathed shower to the no
winchester and cumberland. around the beltway 66 to 65 in la plata. tomorrow's game plan starts to allow our rain to sneak in from the south and west. you can see it on this graphic. by wednesday evening especially we will be looking at a wet drive home. let me put it together for the next seven. the rain and the front stays hung up across the area. thursday and friday, we will sneak in a dry day on saturday but not quite for sunday when the redskins are next at home. temperatures around 78 and a couple of showers. back to you. >>> tonight the health care debate continues. dc delegate eleanor holmes norton will hold a meeting on health care reform for district residents. president obama will travel to college park, maryland on thursday. right now we welcome eleanor holmes norton with us. good morning. good to see you. on your website you are calling in the fact check town hall meeting for district residents you must bring proof of residencecy to attend the meeting. where will it be held and when. >> the department of commerce, 14th street near constitution avenue. doors open at 5:00. 6:00 to
we're at 68 degrees. 67 to the west in winchester. as we look to the east, annapolis is 69 and 66 andrews air force base. here's a look at the visible, too. a lot of fog around earlier but that seems to have lift and visibility is running ten miles for the most part. so that's good. the commute should be easier with that. that said, watching a batch of rain that seems to be heading to the northern neck in the next couple of hours and sprinkles across western maryland, eastern panhandle of west virginia. we are located in between those two things, but lost most of day will be cloudy. we will get showers later this evening especially and tomorrow overnight. but other than that passing shower, we will keep it cloudy. temperatures 77 and the air quality code good. it is 68. here's angie with the traffic. good morning. >> good morning, kim. hey, everybody. hope despite the fog out there you are having a fabulous tuesday. we will kick things off with a nice crawl here on 395. the stack up taking 25 to 30 minutes to make it from the capital beltway to the 14th street bridge. moving over
way up here. the temperatures are on the move. we are at 73. baltimore 72. even west of winchester 71. you have to go out to garrett county, maryland in to the mountains before we ease back to the middle 60s. game plan today. keep it warm, both today and tomorrow. we will reach prosecutor a high of 84 and 85 tomorrow. both days very similar. more clouds than sun. a spotty shower. no washout. then on friday we will kick off the weekend, cooler and 75 but some sunshine. patranya bhoolsuwan, good morning. >> good morning. how's everybody doing this wednesday morning? we have an accident to tell you about. start off 50 westbound. looking at an accident there at 197. a disabled vehicle is blocking the left shoulder. beaware of that as you head to that area. the inner loop is jammed 95 to georgia. give yourself extra time to go through that area. 270 southbound better 194 to the split. about 16-minute delay through there. 66 eastbound, good morning, virginia. good morning out there. we will take you slow from route 50 to the beltway. we have a disabled truck, though, at 123 to the right sho
at quantico over to the east by annapolis, too. looking to the west along i 81, martinsburg, winchester 82, 85. hagerstown 81. in the district, we are heading to the middle 80s as well. you will see variably cloudy conditions. most of the time it will be cloudy and even a stray shower possible but not likely. we do it again tomorrow. and then on friday, that's when the cooler weather gets here by the tune of 75 degrees. now, here's all the rain that's been pestering the southeast. we have been watching the weather headlines out of atlanta. they are getting a respite but this area from i would say the tennessee river valley, chattanooga to huntsville in to new orleans and southeast texas, this area could get another one to three inches of rain today. we have a tropical connection down here. our winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere have shifted off the gulf of mexico. that's pushing all of the rain up this side of the 57lations. a warmer humid air mass and it is on top of us. so we can feel the humidity. we don't have any triggers in the atmosphere to dump the rain on us. that's a good th
, bwi 77 with dry air, baltimore at 54, wilmington, 56, winchester, 66, out in this area you could see upper 40s. so chilly tomorrow morning. partly cloudy skies for everybody. 54 in the district, winds a little later tonight will begin to gust up just a little bit behind the frontal system. for tomorrow, we start out with sunshine but a chill in the early morning. ending up being a breezy and cooler day. and we also see some clouds build up in the afternoon because of the colder air. temperature 71 degrees, with gusty winds at 10-20 miles per hour, occasionally up to 30. today, there was also gusty winds, true view, showing you what you can watch earlier today. the showers rushing out of town, moving so fast to the east at about 45-50 miles per hour. but there was a little bit of lightning out there. major pool of cold air, another front coming across erie, in the area tomorrow, while it comes through dry also it will come through with a bit of a breeze, keeping the chill going. what should you expect tomorrow morning? 55 degrees, chilly, starting the day. but a lot of sunshine. by no
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